My other Windsurfing related blogs: –
A site dedicated to uniting Canadian windsurfing and hopefully allowing us unified voice when needed. Right now we are working on a petition with Air Canada to allow us to travel with Windsurfing gear. –
An international Windsurfing site that covers the world of Windsurfing with the latest news, cool videos and photos form around the world. Its a grett place to stay in touch with the sailing conditions all around the world.

• Free Videos
– Continent Seven
– The Daily Dose
– Board Seeker Mag

– mpora

• Boardskating

• Spots Info
– The Wind Map

• Associations

• Windcam

– Lac st pierre
– Lac des deux montagne

• Windsurfing Video
– Ray’s Windsurfing Video

• Local Windsurfing Video
– Franky Home Vidéo
– Windsurfing 2004
– Windsurfing 2006

• Place To Buy Videos

• Board Repairs

• Interesting weather information links
– Wave Types and Characteristics
– WW2010 [Wind Direction and Isobars]

• Windsurfing Lessons
– Learn to Windsurf 
– Start Windsurfing :: Starboard Start Rigging Guide
– Windsurf Tutorial
– Royn Bartholdi Windsurfing
– Essential Improvers Tips

• Misc

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hey man, great blog!

    I am glad to see Windsurfing is alive and well in Quebec – why Texans are more interested in sitting around on their bass boats and drinking beer is beyond me.
    Anyway, I have a modest world wide location guide always hungry for more content at, it might serve well in your links section (if you feel it is relevant). Also feel free to register and publish location information about your area.

    Best Regards!

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