I picked up windsurfing in 2004 and have been just freaking out on the sport since I have started. The total relaxation and freedom of being out on the Lake or Sea, man against, or at one with nature, is a crazy high. I love it! I will windsurf on whatever I get but I  love waves if I can find them… Bump and jump and freestyle are the bulk of the session but I am still searching… Travel destinations and big days give me the big stoke that makes this sport so mind-blowing and awesome to do!

Wind and Waves…

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, just how often does Sandbanks go off or at least is sailable on a 6.0 or so. The videos we keep seeing are awesome. Also do you know a little guy named Dave, was a tennis coach/teacher and sails, lives up there somewhere, we used to see him on Maui. Jeff in Reno, Nevada.

    • Just came back from sbx for yet another fun 5.0 session. It only works about 5-7 times a year at Sbx and usually cold fall sailing. Oct, nov. Its a really great spot so worht putting the neoprene on. Not sure who Dave is. Our Gang drives up from Montreal.

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