Hurricane Sandy (Bring on the North Easterlies)

I didn’t take the decision lightly but man I had to sail today!!! I have been doing little session out of the straps and I have done about 5 little ones with really loose straps building up… It felt soooo good to get out there and rock it up a bit. Still no jumping and taking it easy, but I felt pretty good. Glad to have not totally lost this season. Saw my Doctor the next morning. I was at 5 1/2 months post up. He laughed at me in a way that seemed to say  “You’re an idiot, but its entertaining and you are keeping me in business so what the hell”. His actual words were… “There’s obviously no point in telling you what to do so go ahead and do it… you seem fine”

See the session photos here:


IMG_6596 copy.jpgIMG_6596 copy.jpg


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