Windsurfing Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene

If you live in Montreal or possibly much of the rest of Canada, you know this summer has been brutal for windsurfing. I have been cranky and wound up and desperate, desperate for a fix.

Finally a forecast is born and Hurricane Irene is headed our way with Tropical Storm force! Sailing spot choices for today, St Zotique, Vaudreuil or (NDIP) Notre Dame de L’Ile Perrot. Reports came back early that Vaudreuil was a zoo. Parking full and cars lined up the road. Not looking good. Pierre was at St Zotique and it was too North so we headed for NDIP. Big Vezz had spoken with the park people to arrange parking inside the “Parc historique Pointe du Moulin” for us.

Hurricane Irene getting started

We crossed above the tall grass and sailed up  to clear the point and bolted across the lake towards Isles de La Paix. I was on a 4.2 lit up but the water condition where still so-so. As we neared the island things started to look better with some small but clean swell. Then I remembered Big Vezz telling us to sail lower for the larger waves. Jack, Amine and I were all a bit West of Ile aux Plaines on our first tack across and started to head about 200 meters downwind towards the Red Buoy (WA38) NIRVANA!!! Beautiful clean glassy waves… a real treat. Now Hurricane Irene was pumping up her furry.

Jack Marzenski ripping up Hurricane Irene

We all headed back to rig down. 3.7 for me. 3.4 for Jack and 2.9 for Amine. The waves continued to build. It’s a long reach but Irene was not slowing down. We ripped the shreds out of the waves for a few more hours until Irene pretty much blew everyone off the water. I could easily have put my 3.4 on at the end but was having so much fun ripping the tops of the waves and nuclear speeds. The wind made for impressive pray action and liquid smoke was everywhere. Indeed it was raining as well lol. TO bad non of the photos show the sailing spot in the channel. All you see is white so no pictures form where the real action was happening L Hopefully Big Vezz will have something. He was onsite with his camera as well. First time sailing here and I honestly think this was my best day ever onSt Louis. And it was on a NE!!!

This is how you feel after you ride a Hurricane!

Thank you Irene!

On the way home as we where driving along a massive explosion in front of the car momentarily blinded us with a massive CRAAACK. I though we had been very nearly hit by lightening. Sparks were flying and splatting off the ground and t hen again KA BOOM!!! We pulled over and saw it was a set of power line transformers exploding. We stopped called 911 and kept the camera ready… KA BOOM. I caught it on camera!!!

Check our all the pics with this slideshow:


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