APVM Kids Day-on-the-Water

Beautiful day over at the Club Nautique de Chateauguay for the APVM Kids-on-the-Water Day.

IMG_7593 copy.jpg

See all the pics here:  http://artzy.photostockplus.com/slideshow_all_857365

Lessons all day for the boys and girls (Pretty equal ratio btw ) who had fantastic learning conditions. Sunny, flat, sandy little bay with 4-8 knots rolling onshore. Lots of volunteers present to give the little guys and girls one-on-one training.

My boy Noam and my girl Mila both had great sessions as did my wife who gets credit for most of the pictures today (Thanks babe x). Seems the windsurfing bug is running strong in the family… can’t wait to get everyone planning, jumping and slashing!

A big thanks to all the volunteers from the APVM for making this day a reality and a real treat! All the kids were seriously awesome out there. All of them showing pride and determination in these perfect conditions.

Thank you again to all the organizers. I know all the kids are feeling the stoke tonight and are going to sleep with dreams of grandeur 🙂

See all the pics here:  http://artzy.photostockplus.com/slideshow_all_857365

Check out the APVM website for more info: http://www.apvm.ca/evenements5.htm

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