High Water on Lac St Louis

windsurfingMy house looked very sketchy to launch at so I went over to Cartier but… it really did not look nice. Way to choppy and not much for waves. Came back home rigged a 5.0 and attempted to get out. Lots of large rocks in front of the house and I quickly lost my rig in a huge wave. Everything smashed on the rocks. Sail ripped in two panels and board dinged in three places. ARGHHHH. first time for everything but when the water is this high its really tuff. out comes the ding stick. 3 quick repairs and I re rigged a 5.4. Probably the worst setup ever lol. Stupid over. Back in at the neighbors an my wife comes running. What do you need!!! 4.7 please. Still over but a pretty fun little (Expensive) session.

Here are a few pics so you know what your getting into if I invite you over to Dorval on the rocks 🙂


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