SBX Clip From Nicolas Chapleau

Awesome little vid from Nic Chapleau. Thanks man!

SBX was a lot of fun as usual… wall to wall sun and plenty of wind for two days. This is day two. First part is at the beach that we forgo in search of down the line front side riding up at Macs.  Not as big as many times but I am so over on my 5.0. its ridiculous.  Most guys are over on 4.2-4.7. We had already sailed for three hours further up at what I think we are now calling “BIG Macs” and yes… the waves are bigger and much better! We had some amazing rides with more than 10 bottom turns. Its NUTS!  A little gusty,  so the waves were not as regular or big but a real treat video and another great memory. I love the ending scenes with Pierre’s huge Forward Loop and me jumping as he is coming down a wave.

Thanks SBX and thanks Nicolas for capturing the action!

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