Sanbanks (Big Macs)

Yet another sensational Sandbanks. We had some excellent down the line conditions. The morning started off a bit light with a West wind that seemed to shift a bit onshore. Still a great side on scenario. 5.0 – 4.2 -3.7  all on my 85 Wavecult. I wish I had put a smaller fin but enough with the technicalities.

I was lucky enough to find a little cabin for rent just upwind of Mac’s point so the whole family made the trip with me. We got to play in the dunes on the first night and enjoyed an action packed weekend. The current out front is pretty serious so unfortunately the kids could not play in the water near the cabin but they sure did have fun chasing butterflies and riding their bikes around the lawn. We had some awesome talent sailing with us as usual. Patrick Bergeron (Pro Windsurfer) Mike Fisher (Goya Team Rider) Pierre Morneau – Jf Lemay – Jack Marzenski – Ian – Francis and many more…

My Wife was awesome and stood by the camera capturing so many great shots. Thanks babe… I am so glad you came!!! Finally you get to see the conditions that I have been raving about in Canada.

I woke up at 6am and was able to catch a great sunrise. Was way to excited to sleep. Small drive to the beach to check it out but it looked messy. To onshore besides we had a great setup at the cottage. The first part of the day was pretty side shore. I was riding a 5.0 but stupid over on the outside. I chose to stay on it for quite some time because I had a little more power on the inside were it was light. Eventually when the wind turned more Side on, I put the 4.2 on but I was still OVER big time. Finally rigged down to 3.7 and guess what… STILL OVER! (But who’s complaining)? The inside waves were extra clean 4 t0 6 footers but as the day went on things started to get more organized further out where we had 8-10 foot easy. In some photos you will see that just the tips of the sails are showing (roughly 13 feet). Jumping is outrageously amazing. The sky is the limit. When you see a sailor towering 10 feet above a wave you need to realize there is a 10 feet hole behind it so you are really flying. Also the long camera lenses compress the scene making the waves and sailor appear to be much closer together than they really are.

 We had some light wind Soul surfing on day 2. Not many pictures of the waves but we actually found some really clean super nice rollers just up wind of us. Was more like surfing than anything? The water and place has such a nice vibe. I can’t wait to go back!




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5 thoughts on “Sanbanks (Big Macs)

  1. Dude, I’ve checked out West Pt on a gnarly day – not sure if one would really want to launch there and go downwind. Better to work upwind. How far up do you reckon from where we were mostly sailing the other day? 200m or so and deeper in the slight bay?

    Great photos Ilan! Great memories.

  2. It was a little further up than that. About 500 meters up from what I can tell on the map. Seems to be a little trail that pops out around there (road/trail)? Not hard to see what makes it special when you check it out on the map. I also checked Navionics and it goes from like 18feet to 6feet in this area (A REEF):-).,-77.272725&sspn=0.010654,0.02708&ie=UTF8&split=1&rq=1&ev=p&t=h&radius=0.81&hq=sandbanks&hnear=&ll=43.892017,-77.27324&spn=0.010654,0.02708&z=16

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