St Jean D’Orleans delivers

It never seizes to amaze me how this place just turns on. 4.2 for me at 210 pounds but still riding my 85 Wave cult even though it may seem a tad over board.  Endless surfing and ballistic speed… this day was also very good for jumping. I feel a bit guilty for not going to the Defi Vent et maree that was held up river at Port St Francois de l’Ile d’Orléans  but St Jean seemed to be like the best bet for great conditions, parking and less people. Not really the case in that we had to park on the beach. lol. The talent was here in full form. Yvan cranking massive back loops, La Jeune powering shove-its, Power surfing and looping form Pierre, JF Lemay spocking and just all around ripping riders. Really good talent on the water…

I really wanted to try and take some good shots but I could not peel myself off the river. These shots are from a ten minute break when most people had already left and it was still good though even thought this is during the chop hours. Its always much better at beginning and end of tide and still I had to get back out there.

Almost a full 5 hours of sailing. Pierre and I stayed the night at a local spot hoping for a little more action in the morning that did not arrive but we had a great dinner and strolled out rested and feeling great. Left me a little time to take some scenery and flower shots on the way out.

Awesome day on the water! Here are some pics and a link to my gallery:

Click here for Slideshow

Yvan cranking a back loop

IMG_1760 copy.jpg

Le Jeune going for a  back

IMG_1756 copy.jpg

View From St Michel looking at L’ile D’Orleans

IMG_1707 copy.jpg

Slideshow link

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