Sandbanks wave sailing

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WOW… An incredible trip with lots of laughs screams and thanks… rather than prayers. Jack, Pierre and I piled everything we had into the truck and stacked a few extras on the roof. We arrived in Picton confident and ready to sail. The meters were already reading 37 mph and the forecast was for it to build and shift a little making it even more heavenly. As we passed through the town of Picton we received a call from Marc who was already on the spot. He said it was blowing strong and the waves were about 6 feet and clean. Al of a sudden we got hit with a massive rain storm… even some lightning. Some trees had fallen and the streets had some flash flooding.

By the time we arrived at West point (mac’s) it was just about flat!!! The wind had dropped and I wasn’t even sure if 5.4 would work. 85 liter wave and 5.4 turned out to be ridiculously big… one tack and I was back. Jack came in shortly after on his 5.0. No way!!! I rigged a 4.7 and decided to hold on even though it was still way too much. Needed a little getting used too I figured… a massive jump and my back strap tears open. The screw had broken. I floated her down from a pretty massive jump and brought her in. Actually that was the best thing that happened to me because now… on 3.7, I was finally tuned!!! Sweet!!! Still over, but blasting off super clean waves and ripping it down the line.

Most of the pics you see are on the inside. The outside waves where actually unbelievable!!! The scene on the water was surreal. Towering waves and all around rippers doing their thing over and over again. Tuns of room and good sections no matter were you sailed it.

Day two was light but had nice waves in the morning and perfect down the line conditions at athol bay. Shlog out and surf in. Still a lot of fun. Look out Robby Naish… Canadians sail frontside too 😉

Sbx is world class and man did we have fun, lots more to come hopefully.

I know I should clean out the photos and not post so many but I just cant do it. I am oooing and ahing the whole time. They get bigger as you go along. Enjoy!

Here are some more photos from a local photog and sailer

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