Plattsburgh beach with the kids

PLatsburgh beach 

Awesome day! What a surprise. I arrived at the beach around 1:30. Stuck at the border coming in and then a ticket. Man I was pissed with myself. I have been caught in the same place three times and we all know they are there. Just after the border. But after the wait coming in… I needed a rest stop. Then I had to sit there waiting for my ticket. The wind blowing and I was seeing colors I had to pee so bad. cry.gif

Only one windsurfer on the water when I arrived. Did not seem to stay long. I had about 3 hours to myself with the kite gang. Funny thing. Its actually less crowded feeling with the kiters. No one stuck in the breakers or in the jybe areas. It was seriously awesome to have it like this and the wind… what a surprise.

5.4, 85 Wavecult. Some really fun breaking waves. I think I am going to be spending more time at the beach 🙂

The wife and kids had a great day too. Little shopping in Platz for the first three hours and then they came to play with me in the water 🙂 My kids are becoming serious waterman. Noam was insane on my board surfing and Mila was loving the waves. Thanks to my beautiful wife for taking pictures. baiser-volant-79541.gif

2 thoughts on “Plattsburgh beach with the kids

  1. Great pictures! I got a kick out of watching your boy ride your board all the way into shore! A lot of us kiters are trying to be respectful of the windsurfers (I was one for many years) and trying to break the riff that seems to have developed between us. Unfortunately, that all fell appart when everyone showed up. You’re right…it was an epic day…actually an epic 4 days!

    • Hey Mike,

      This was last year… the post you are looking for is here

      I have a lot of fun with the kite guys. Robert, Rob and Clap are part of the hardcore few and we share a lot of good trips together. It’s always fun to sail with good watermen. Dealing with newbie’s is another story and yes… at platz it can get quite hectic. Its all good. I think most of the riff comes from the people that are not in perfect control and are truly scared by the kites. Our spots are small and few. We do need to find a way to co exist safely because for sure in many spots the danger level is rising!

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