Sandbanks in the Spring!!! Cant believe we hit it :-)

Amazing day!!! This place is so beautiful and delivers world class sailing. We were all over powered in the morning and then it became a little more on off.  After 3 hours on 5.0, 4.7 and 4.2 for Pierre that was fine for me. The waves and place are so beutiful its real easy to have fun. The morning waves where the best. Giant clean rollers towards the east side of Atoll bay. Insane jumping and super wave riding. JF Lemay and Tom took a quick drive up to the West point to check if it was working for down the line sailing but it was too offshore. Fish and a few others were out there and it apperantly did not look too inviting. Mid day, the wind shifted and cranked again for perfect side shore conditions in the bay :-). I think it takes the water a while to clean up on the shift so it was a little messier but come on, real side shore down the line sailing… nuts!!! Trust me when I tell you its bigger than it looks and its WELL worth the drive!

Check out Pierre in the high jump!!!

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