Sandbanks – Man this place rocks!

WOW! Another excellent Sandbanks. We started at Athol bay with just enough wind for 85 liters 5.4 for me. The others on 4.2-4.7 and 75 liters. The biggest waves were on the far East side, away from where the photos are being taken. My first jump was a nice powered floater but a gust snapped the equipment from me on landing. A massive set chomped me and took my gear. I was swimming like crazy to catch the gear not to be left out there without kit. Luckily I caught it! Within 30 minutes it was honking but good. Now, we we’re all well over powered with massive gusts kicking and yanking at the sails in huge waves.

We stopped for a quick lunch. A decision was made to head for West point hoping for glassy side shore conditions. It wasn’t easy to leave Athol as it was building and it was certainly delivering the goods but… adventure and the -Search- for perfection prevailed and we packed it up and headed onward to West Point.

West point was clean for sure… not too much wind on the inside but still looking good. At first glance it looked really small. Fish was the first out and we watched him climb a few decent looking sets and then a few white water breaks that looked impressive. JfLemay, Amine, Hugues and I quickly rigged and rolled out. The set up was PERFECT! Side shore, down the line bliss… you had to time it right to catch the good ones as it was not always waiting for you but every ride in delivered a smooth wave with tuns of room between sets. The wind had picked up and was flattening everything on the outside. It was totally nuclear on my 5.4 but when you came back in the point cut the wind and there you where dropping in, cutting and slashing and gliding and floating and bumping in the white water. With every set our timing was improving and we just had to ride it to the end.

Sandbanks is simply the best! Awsome day!!!

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