Sandbanks side off

What can I say… we hit it good! It started out light but the waves were ever present at Sandbanks beach. Parts of the park are closed so we had to walk our gear down the beach from the bluff at the end of the beach were the most critical sections are. We had to hobble through the break zone in side to side off conditions with barely enough wind to stand on the boards while surf pounded us head on. This was really different from the usual onshore washing machine scenario. Sweet, sweet, peeling wave’s with spray flying off the back in typical side off fashion that we never see. I’m talking mouth watering sexy waves. True and I mean true down the line sailing… It was awesome!

Challenging for sure, I guess anytime you deal with side off conditions it will be. Light on the inside and super over on the outside. The outside was getting flattened by the strong side shore winds but the inside break remained nice, maybe due to the light wind. Either way we were scoring perfect wave after wave of absolute down the line, dreamy sailing, for at least an hour before I got off to take pictures. Of course I will tell you… and I mean it, it was much better than the pictures can tell. When you shoot with a long focal length lens as I was here it compresses everything in the shot so you can’t really read the conditions. I also had to deal with a lot of rain while I was shooting so difficult to work the shot.

We bumped into Willy a veteran at Sandbanks and notable for helping Rob and I out on our first trip when we smashed the truck into a dear last year. Of course we decided to sail first and ask for directions later because the wind was honking. But Willy showed at the end of the day and drove us to a garage. All that to say that Willy was in awe too, noting how rare these conditions are at Sandbanks.

Hope you like the pics… as usual just quick snaps on a short break. The last few shots with clean wave’s sets you see are on the way to the other beach just as you pass the point where the surfers usually hang.

IMG_1239 copy.jpg
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