My first Sandbanks Adventure!

Sandbanks two day adventure!

With all the rush for Champlain it seemed no one wanted to talk about Sandbanks. Rob, my former windsurfer-gone-kitesurfer brother in law was sharing a radical mindset and was game for a two day road trip.

On the road by 6am and arrived at a Sandbanks with only very minor waves and not much wind. Guess what? I forgot my 5.9!!! @*&% @. A little freestyle day could be a nice warm up for tomorrow or at least that’s what I told myself every time I checked Iwindsurf on my phone and saw 20-30mph at Champlain. The gang back home at Quebec were surely smiling.

Rob introduced me to the Ottawa gang and we got some pointers about the place and were advised that we should go to the West bay tomorrow and walk down a path to the beach that was better for West or North West. We hung out till the last minute hoping for the wind to come up but… it never did. We all went to eat together and shared a few beers. It was great to meet some of the Ottawa crowd.

Everything was still promising for tomorrow but, you couldn’t help thinking how horrible it would be if we got skunked again. We woke to the sound of rain, It was still dark as we wanted to get a good jump on the day. Rob opened the balcony door and actually… it wasn’t rain… It was the sound of wind.

No breakfast for us. We scrambled out of the room and where heavy on the gas pedal. A little too much actually. Time stood still for a few seconds as we had a fatal side on collision with one of the two deer that suddenly raced in front of the car on the short drive from the Isaih tubs motel to the park.

Nothing we could do for the deer and the car was in bad shape. The front end was totaled and radiator fluid was spraying everywhere. “Rob lets go quick before the car stops” We made it to the cliff between the two bays where all we could see was beautiful long sets of white water rolling in.

What a day! A really spectacular spot and a totally epic session for the lone windsurfer and kiter pair that shared the beach exclusively with the wind and waves. It really was something! We flirted with danger at the rocky point all day. I was delivered several gnarly warnings. The rip current near the point is worth avoiding. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

It took everything I had to carry my gear back from that beach. Luckily there was a single car that showed up with another small group of guys from Ottawa. Special thanks to Willy who gave us a lift to the garage. . The garage was able to fix the leak in the transmission and we where able to get home in one piece. Apparently someone hits a deer about twice a week in the park so be careful my friends.

Did I say EPIC!!!

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